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Good morning! How are you all today? I keep on finding myself confused as it is too light at night since the clocks went forward so I'm not doing stuff I usually would and the next thing I realise that nowhere is open as it's past midnight. Even the 24 hour Asda closes at 10pm on a Saturday. Bah!

I can't watch my shiny new DVDs as I'll wake up the neighbours (I live in a semi-detached house).
I can't continue with my DIY project for the same reason - I don't think they'd be too happy with me hammering away at 3am. Even the dog and the assorted rodents are asleep.

This time next week I'll still be in my dancing boots as I'll be at Whitby goth fest and they aren't chucking out of the main hall until 4 am... for a change having a messed up body clock will be useful!


Hello! I recently found this comm. via google because I was srsly wondering why I was always alone on Lj hahaha.

I'm usually up way to late.

See you around
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Happy New Year to any and all Night Owls.
It's nealy 6am over here in the UK and I've just nearly died of fright as I thought it was only 3ish. No sense of time, me. Good job I'm not in work tomorrow!
bat guitarist

Good Morning!

It's 5 am over here in the UK and I've only just started feeling tired. Probably should have pottered over earlier to see if anyone else was awake. It's still dark outside; a month ago my ears would have been getting assaulted by enthusiastic birds tweeting away at this time.