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Night Owl Social & Tea Society

Where those up late meet

The Night Owl Social and Tea Society
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A place to socialize and chat in the wee small hours, or whenever you're awake but no one else seems to be.

No mission, no goal; just tea, biscuits and good company. You'll find a few stories, laughs, and lots of friends. So pull a chair up to the fire and relax for a bit.

This community has moderated membership due to the amount of pr0n spam bots on LJ, but if you have a real LJ, membership will be approved as soon as possible.


The Night Owl Code aka The Guidelines

It can be pretty much summed up as: use your common sense!

In other words, play nice, be considerate by using lj cuts on anything big, don't run with scissors, no food fights. The usual. Oh, and if you drink the last of the rum, go tell Jack Sparrow!